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Case Study: Ideal Industries Jar Lid Hanger

The customer

Ideal Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer of connectors, hand tools, testers and meters for the electrical and telecommunications industries.

The challenge

Many electrical connectors sold by Ideal Industries, including those for coaxial cable, are packaged for sale in sturdy plastic jars with convenient twist lids. Some retail outlets that distribute Ideal Industries’ connectors require the jars hang for display. In an effort to meet these requirements, Ideal Industries began applying self-adhesive, fold-up hang tabs to the lid tops. However, the adhesive did not hold and many of the hang tabs began to fail at retail. Ideal Industries did not want to change either the jar or the lid, as the packaging fit their price point, they had shipping containers sized to fit the containers and the packaging was well-liked by those who buy and use their connectors.

The solution

All About Packaging met with Ideal Industries to discuss their challenge and came up with a solution that not only solved the problem for new orders, but could be used to fix the jars already at retail with failing hangers. All About Packaging’s team designed a custom hanger to work with the lid—without adhesive. The sturdy hanger clips to the jar lid and can be easily applied and removed by hand, which means there’s no inconvenience to the end-user. The hanger lies flat when first applied, and is thin enough that no changes to the shipping container were required. It has two tabs that fold up for hanging and is made from transparent plastic, so it does not interfere with the look of the package.