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Case Study: Praxair Welding Packaging Savings

The customer

Praxair is a national provider of industrial gases, applications, products and services that support cleaner and more efficient welding, cutting and other manufacturing processes.

The challenge

Praxair was looking for a cost-efficient packaging solution for its ProStar® line of welding applications. Previously, the product was packaged in a clear poly bag with a header card. Although the price was right, Praxair was looking for something more aesthetically appealing.

The solution

All About Packaging designed a packaging solution that not only displayed the product in a visually appealing way, but also minimized the cost by using a standard graphics card and blister. The All About Packaging team created a single-sized blister for all of Praxair’s sku’s and using its proprietary VeriMax® printing process, a single card was designed to be cost-effectively imprinted with variable sku-specific information.