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Custom Packaging Solutions

All About Packaging’s customers know us as a single-source supplier for all their packaging needs. The majority of the work we do is custom—we thrive when our customers come to us with a challenge. Additionally, we seek to remain innovative; often providing competitive advantages for our clients through our four proprietary offerings:

  • VeriShel® – Fully recyclable clamshell with special perforated opening and push pin for easy reseal.
  • VeriLock® – Sustainable blister pack with easy-open, easy-close snap pins. No sealing or stapling required.
  • VeriMag® – Versatile line of magnetic storage trays for enhanced usability.
  • VeriMax® – In-house, custom printed paperboard inserts allow for small to large runs at a low cost.

Whether you’re struggling with product damage, aesthetic limitations or end-user friendliness, our team of knowledgeable designers and engineers will work to design and manufacture a packaging solution that works for you.