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Sustainable Packaging

At All About Packaging, we can work with any and all sustainability requirements. We use recycled plastics in many of our processes and recycle 100% of plastic waste generated by our thermoforming process. We can incorporate recycled paperboard into our customers’ packaging—if there’s a requirement for virgin paperboard, rest assured it’s harvested sustainably from managed forests.

All About Packaging manufactures recyclable plastics. The majority of components we manufacture can be separated and recycled by the end user. Our proprietary VeriMag®, VeriLock® and VeriShel® packages are designed to be reused as storage containers reducing the amount of packaging that enters the waste stream. Our VeriMax® printing process uses aqueous (water-based) inks and coatings and so do our manufacturing partners who also employ state-of-the-art ink mixing/color matching systems that capture and reuse waste inks where appropriate.

We strive to align with our customers’ vision for sustainable packaging with designs and material options that meet function and sustainability. Let us present an environmentally-friendly packaging option to meet your needs.