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Thermoformed Packaging

All About Packaging is a manufacturer of custom, thermoformed packaging. This type of vacuum-formed packaging is a perfect solution to showcase your product in an attractive manner while maintaining its structural integrity; equating to greater sales and increased customer satisfaction. Our streamlined process minimizes set-up times and because we run your product alone, you never have to wait for large combination runs to get started. We offer standard lead times of 3-5 weeks but routinely work with our customers to achieve tighter timelines.

At All About Packaging we offer innovative clamshell, blister pack or blister tray packaging designs that meet your unique product’s needs. Our thermoformed packaging process uses a variety of plastics including PET (recycled and virgin) and PVC (recycled, virgin and impact modified).

It is our practice to house and maintain all of the thermoform tooling needed for a project at our All About Packaging facilities at no cost to the customer. We inspect each tooling component prior to production to ensure the highest of quality. Our standard method of applying a high-polish finish to each and every mold ensures your packaging is crystal clear in order to showcase your products in the best way possible. We can also apply color or form custom patterns, textures and even a logo into your packaging for ultimate display.

Need a prototype? All About Packaging’s in-house thermoforming prototype capabilities allow you to receive prototypes of your clamshells and blisters in 5–10 business days to ensure form, fit and function.

Thermoformed Closing Mechanisms

There are a number of different options for closing mechanisms on a thermoformed package. See if one of the options below would be a good fit for your product. If you are looking for something else, we can brainstorm other solutions that would meet your needs.

  • Perimeter Snap Fit: With perimeter snap fit, the perimeter of the formed area of the front and back halves are given a draft angle and are sized so they lock together. This re-closeable mechanism resembles a dovetail joint and is most commonly used for clamshells. Similarly, partial perimeter snap fit occurs when the undercut areas on the mold are only in a few places along the perimeter of the mold. This is often a little more complicated to design and machine versus a full perimeter snap fit.
  • Pushpins: Pushpins use the principal of a round peg in a square hole—they lock together using an interference fit. This type of re-closable closure can often be molded in several places on a thermoformed package where additional closure force is needed. Pushpins are the typical closure for VeriLock® and are used to supplement closure for clamshells and to re-close VeriShel®.
  • RF Bar and Tear Sealing: RF bar sealing welds two pieces of plastic together using heat, pressure and radio frequency. This permanent seal, or weld, is usually made in strips, or bars, along the outer flange of a package and is regularly used on clamshells. RF tear sealing welds the entire perimeter of two pieces of plastic together while at the same time trimming. This permanent closure uses heat, pressure, radio frequency and RF tooling that has a special profile to allow simultaneous sealing and cutting. RF tear sealing provides a clean look and is often used to seal blisters and two-piece clamshells as well as our VeriMag® products.
  • Label/Sticker Application: Manually wrapping a label or sticker around the edge of a closed clamshell is a permanent closure method, depending on the type of label stock and adhesive used.
  • Stitching/Stapling: Stitching or stapling a thermoformed package is a simple, permanent closure method.