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Blister Packaging

All About Packaging manufactures thermoformed, blister packaging solutions. Blister packs are a viable option when you’re looking for durable, clear packaging that’s attractive, yet tamper proof and are a great option for club store packaging. Blister packs can be heat-sealed to paperboard, printed and thermoformed, all in-house.

Blister seals offer high visibility and are easily customizable. Plus, they are simple to load and most often designed to nest when stacked to reduce shipping and storage volume. Thickness generally ranges from 0.005 inches (0.12 mm) to 0.040 inches (10.16 mm).

Thermoformed blisters can be:

  • Sealed to the front of a graphics card (seal blister)
  • Trapped between two graphics cards (trapped or captive blister)
  • Given flanges for a card to slide into (slide blister)
  • Welded to another blister with a finished appearance (welded blister)
  • Placed inside a carton, box or clamshell (tray)
  • Stacked on top of identical blisters to transport parts within or between manufacturing facilities (returnable tray)
  • Sealed to a lidstock material that can be peeled or punctured (pharmaceutical blister)


Our patented locking, slide blister, VeriLock® offers easy-open, easy-close sealing with no stapling or sealing equipment required. No more cutting—simply un-snap and glide open. This tamper-evident technology allows for decreased fulfillment times and comes in both custom and stock options.


Our patented VeriMag® magnetic tool storage tray comes with a clean look at a cost unmatched by the competition. The VeriMag® tray comes with a customized look and shape for your magnetic tray needs. It has a strong magnetic force yet is lightweight and portable for convenience. Interlocking systems are available.


Thermoformed trays are a great option for exhibiting your product in POP displays, to contain and display assorted product, or for easy shipping and optimal storage. Let us develop a custom design for you.