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Looking for tool storage options for products containing iron, cobalt, nickel or another ferromagnetic material? Our patented VeriMag® magnetic tool storage tray is available at a cost unmatched by the competition. The VeriMag tray comes with a customized look and shape for your magnetic tray needs. It has a strong magnetic force, yet is lightweight and portable for convenience.

VeriMag helps you organize and store your products without the use of cumbersome mechanical snaps or enclosures. Plus, quickly perform inventory—ensure tools are accounted for after each job reducing the expense of lost or misplaced tools.

VeriMag allows for easy and organized transportation of your product between workspaces; plus, the multi-pole magnetism of VeriMag trays attract your product while the bottom of the tray attracts to another ferromagnetic surface—for example a steel hoist or tool storage box. Let All About Packaging’s VeriMag solutions give you and your customers the WOW! factor.