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Packaging Manufacturer

All About Packaging is a clear, thermoformed packaging manufacturer that specializes in ready-to-display, single-source packaging. We produce clamshells, slide blisters, seal blisters, trays and custom solutions. Additionally, we have three proprietary solutions designed to meet unique packaging needs—the VeriShel® clam shell, the VeriLock® locking slide blister and the VeriMag® magnetic tray .

We pride ourselves in being a turnkey provider for all your packaging needs—whether it is for a small-run, custom package or a sizeable quantity of commodity-based product. In-house paperboard and label printing capabilities help us take your project from start to finish with our trademarked VeriMax® printing process that allows for small to large runs, flexibility and cost-savings with minimal lead times.

If your job is one that we don’t have the internal capabilities to complete, we have several external partnerships that enable us to continue managing the entire process for you at a competitive price.

Packaging Machinery

Our diverse list of packaging machinery includes:

  • Four Roll Fed Thermoformers—forms thermoplastic into shapes using heat and air pressure. Used to form products and packaging such as clamshells, blisters and trays from films as thin as .0075 inch to as thick as .060 inch.
  • Two Rotary RF Welders—welds plastic and seals other substrates with heat, pressure and radio frequency. Used to weld VeriMag® products and seal packages such as clamshells, seal blisters and captive blisters. Substrates that can be sealed include PET, PVC, PLA and others.
  • VeriMax® Printing Press Two-Color—imprints SKU specific information and graphics over generic graphics on paperboard packaging and inserts from as thin as .003 inch to as thick as .024 inch.
  • Narrow Web Printing Press 3-Color—prints and die cuts labels and paper stock. Used to print and die cut heavy-duty label stock.
  • 25-ton Clicker Press—compresses cutting dies in order to cut paperboard, corrugated paperboard, chipboard, plastics and most any substrate that can be die cut. Uses include adding die cut windows to setup box lids and punching hole patterns in sheets of corrugate or paperboard.
  • Two Rotary Blister Seal Machines—seals substrates with heat and pressure that have been printed with a heat-activated adhesive called blister coat. Used to seal plastic blisters to paperboard for seal blister packaging and used to seal paperboard to paperboard around a plastic blister for captive (trapped) blister packaging. Substrates that can be sealed include PET, PVC, paperboard and others.
  • Two Slide Blister Flange Folders—folds three edges of a plastic blister (that has been formed on a thermoformer) so that a paperboard or plastic card can be held behind the blister by the three flanges that are formed. Used to fold flanges on PET and PVC blisters that range in thickness from .0075 inch to .025 inch.
  • Auto Bagger—seals and advances roll stock bags. Used to streamline fulfillment.
  • Two Stitching Machines—stitches (very heavy duty staples) various substrates to one another. Used to fasten booklets together or fasten caps to the ends of tubes.

* Please note, when referring to thickness, 1 mil = 1 pt = 0.001 inch.